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Never Travel Overseas For A Timeshare Promotion Or Offer

December 23, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

One of the ways timeshare companies convince people to buy is by offering them a free weekend to visit their resort. This is typical and there are a lot of people who take advantage of this, sit through the presentations and hard sales tactics and then say no. This tends to happen in popular travel destinations around the country and people do it all the time.

However, some people who are familiar with these tactics and like to take advantage of them make the mistake of going out of the country. Yes, it’s the same sales pitch and tactics to try and get you to sell. However, there’s also more risk involved with leaving the country. These companies have the advantage of a working relationship with the local government.

Within the United States you are protected under certain rules and regulations. Why? Because you are a citizen and you pay taxes to enjoy that type of protection for a company that’s selling timeshares. However, outside of the United States the only loyalty these governments have is to the timeshare companies who are spending millions of dollars and bringing in tourism dollars to the area as well. Whose side do you think they will be on?

You are at a clear-cut disadvantage when it comes to battling timeshare companies if you are in another country. Even their sales tactics can be more aggressive. This doesn’t mean they are going to lock you in a dark room and beat you up. It means they can use more aggressive tactics to get you to say yes and it works.

If you like to play the game of saying yes to a free weekend and then saying no on the sales pitch, do not try that with a timeshare company overseas. You will find yourself at a major disadvantage when it comes to your rights and the protection of the local government when it comes to sales tactics and paperwork.


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