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Do You Need a Timeshare?

Do You Need A Timeshare

March 19, 2019 – by Primo Management Group

Do You Need A Timeshare

Wondering if you need a timeshare? Find out below!

The timeshare industry may tell you that you need a timeshare. But do you? Timeshares are serious, long-term commitments. And getting out can be really difficult. If you can’t answer Yes to all these questions, then you might not need a timeshare.

Do you like vacations?

If you don’t like vacations, then you don’t need a timeshare! Timeshares are for people who want to go on vacations and who enjoy themselves on vacations. If that’s not you, then you can stop reading now and go plan your staycation!

Do you go on vacations every year?

Frankly, most people do like vacations. However, timeshare ownership is for people who actually take vacations. Maybe you aspire to vacation more and you think timeshare ownership will motivate you. But this is a big, expensive commitment. We recommend establishing a vacationing habit before you spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Do you like going to the same place every year?

If you don’t like going to the same place every year, then timeshares are not for you. Deeded timeshares only give you the right to a single unit in the same resort every year. And if you don’t like it or you get bored, you don’t have other options. Floating week and points-based timeshares may offer the possibility of more variety. However, that variety isn’t guaranteed. So, if you can’t commit to one place, one week forever, then you should reconsider.

Do you have enough money to buy a timeshare?

Currently, the average timeshare costs $22,180. And that’s if you buy it with cash. If you’re financing your purchase, you’ll pay more once you add the interest fees. So, if you don’t have the money to buy a timeshare, don’t buy one.

Do you have enough money to pay your current maintenance fees?

All owners pay maintenance fees to cover basic costs of running the resort. These fees pay for things like housekeeping, landscaping, and routine maintenance. Current maintenance fees average around $1000 annually. That’s over and above the cost of the timeshare itself. If you don’t have enough money to pay these fees, then don’t buy a timeshare.

Will you have enough money to pay the rising fees forever?

So, you have enough money to pay maintenance fees today. That’s great! But keep in mind that those fees will increase over time. Although it’s impossible to predict the future, we can guarantee that your fees will go up over time. And you must pay maintenance fees for the length of the contract. In many cases, that means forever. Can you guarantee that your income will keep pace with rising fees? People on a fixed income or who might someday be on a fixed income are not great candidates for vacation ownership.

Are you currently healthy enough to travel?

Unless you’re buying at a resort next door to your home, you will need to travel. So if you aren’t able to travel, a timeshare is not for you.

Will you always be healthy enough to travel?

We’re glad you’re healthy enough to travel today. But keep in mind that timeshare contracts are long-term. Most of them last between 20 years and forever. So even if you’re literally good to go today, you might not be in 10 or 15 or 30 years. Because timeshares are for the long haul, you need to carefully consider not only your current health but also your future health. We’d all love to stay mobile forever, but sometimes reality gets in the way.

If you answered No or I don’t know to ANY of these questions, you may not need a timeshare. And that means you shouldn’t buy one. The long-term binding nature of these contracts means that once you’re in, it’s hard to get out. Timeshares are for financially stable people who love to vacation in the same way, every year, forever and who can guarantee their health, preferences, and financial circumstances won’t substantially change. If that doesn’t sound like you, then walk away. And even better, walk away and go on new, unique vacations on your schedule and within your current budget.

If it’s too late and you’re stuck in an unwanted timeshare, you have options. Contact us to find out how we can help you get out of your timeshare safely and forever.


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