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Primo Management Group, Inc.

PMG is the country’s #1 timeshare elimination solution.

We’ve helped hundreds of people successfully cancel their timeshare contract—forever. And we can help you. Guaranteed.

If you’ve experienced:

  • Increased Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Random Special Assessment Fees
  • Regret Over Your Timeshare Purchase
  • Trouble Selling Your Timeshare
  • Financial Hardship

And Now:

  • The Annual Cost Outweighs the Timeshare’s Present Value
  • Maintenance Fees Are Burying You In Debt
  • You’re Getting Threats of Credit Report Damage
  • You’re Unable To Travel Due to Financial or Physical Hardship
  • You’re Losing Sleep Because of Your Timeshare
  • You Feel Cheated By the Resort’s High-Pressure Sales Tactics

PMG is here to help. We’ll get your timeshare contract terminated and get you out of your timeshare forever. Guaranteed.

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Address: 7200 Lake Ellenor Drive,
Suite 201& 202, Orlando, FL 32809

(407) 627-1179


We’ve helped countless people get out of their timeshare contracts. Read our real client reviews, then book a free consultation to learn how we can help you.

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