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Cancel Timeshare In South Carolina

Cancel Timeshare In South Carolina

August 13, 2019 – by James Cox

Cancel Timeshare In South Carolina

Can you cancel a timeshare in South Carolina on your own? No, and it’s actually not something that’s meant to convince you that you need our services. We will even show you how to get the process started so that you can see that there is no DIY trick to getting out of this agreement. Let’s start with the fact that you want out as soon as possible. The first thing you will try to do is call the company you signed with. Only they aren’t going to be able to help you because you didn’t technically sign with them. Their job was to bring you in, convince you to sign and then send the contract off to the company that actually owns the resort.

You’ve just learned about your first challenge with trying to cancel a timeshare in South Carolina, your fighting an uphill battle against a huge company you didn’t even know existed until a few minutes ago. Now your next goal is to try and get someone on the phone who can actually help you but that ends with dozens of voicemails and emails that do not get responded to. Next, you try and play hardball with the people who will answer the phone like the property manager, but they explain that they cannot help you, and they really can’t. Their job is to take care of the property, not handle contracts. In fact, they do not even have access to the contracts.  

As you can see, your mission to cancel your timeshare in South Carolina has ended before it even began. It’s not because you didn’t try, it’s because you signed an agreement that technically does not require the company who the agreement is with to even respond to you, especially if your complaint is that you want out of it. From their standpoint their job was to handle the contract and hire someone to take care of your property. Now that that’s done, all they have to do is take your money and they will continue to do that for years. This is how timeshare companies continue to work and they are not going to change. They know you want out and they really don’t care. You cannot walk away from the deal like with rent because you cannot be evicted, and you cannot foreclose on the property because you do not own it. So, what are your options now? Primo Management Group will provide you with options to cancel your timeshare in South Carolina. Because of our experience in this field we know how to now only contact these companies, but make sure they know we mean business. We have assisted hundreds of people just like you in getting their timeshare agreement canceled so that they can move on from this experience and enjoy their future vacations. If you have tried and had zero success in getting out of your contract, call us today and get a free consultation where we can explain to you exactly how we can help you, the process, how long it takes, costs involved and so much more.

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