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Breaking Down The Sales Tactics Of Timeshare Companies

Timeshare Exit Reasons

July 1, 2019 – by James Cox

Timeshare Exit Reasons

Happy people make happy decisions. Over the years, thousands of people have fallen for the sales tactics of timeshare companies. These people are intelligent, they work hard, and they know that some of these resorts are actually scams. Yet they still fall for the tricks. Why is that? To better understand why this happens so often, we have to look at the process that is involved with selling these spaces.

Getting You In The Door

The chances of someone randomly buying a property from a cold call is less than zero if you think about it. People want to see the property, get an idea of the costs, what’s going on in the area and more. The only way these companies have a chance is to make sure that people are coming in and seeing the area, seeing all that it has to offer and convincing them that they want to stay here as often as possible. The best way to do this is by offering free trips, free tickets to local attractions and so forth. Imagine if you can stay in Orlando for an entire weekend without having to pay for a hotel. The only catch is that you have to sit through a presentation for a few hours and meet with a salesperson. That seems like a fair trade and you are going in with a mindset that you are not going to buy anything. So, how can you be tricked into signing for something that you do not want?

The Hook

The presentation isn’t actually designed to sell you on anything. It’s designed to put doubt in your mind of all the things you’ve heard about timeshares that are negative. Most people know timeshares aren’t a good investment, but they do not know why. These presentations are designed to show you why those “rumors” should be ignored and why putting your money into this property is smart and can save you thousands of dollars a year.

There’s plenty of free food and alcohol around as well and the idea is that once the presentation is done, you can easily walk away and go enjoy the rest of your free weekend. Or can you? These companies want you to walk away, they want you to go have a great time around town. They want your kids to enjoy the swimming pools and for you to drive by all those expensive hotels and see people unhappy that they are crammed in a building with hundreds of strangers, living out of suitcases rather than having their own place to go to.

This is when you start to wonder if everything you heard in that presentation was true. “If so many people have purchased a timeshare before then maybe they aren’t all bad. Maybe it’s not a scam, maybe it’s a good investment because I can come here two or three times a year with my family and save a fortune on hotels and be more comfortable.” That’s all it takes; this little bit of second-guessing and you’re hooked.

It wasn’t the high-pressure sales tactics that got to you, it was the information presented in a calming way, the relaxing, fun time you are having in the area and seeing the costs of hotel rooms that gets to you. This is when you start to think about the prospect of actually owning a timeshare and how fun it would be. Then you start thinking about how easy it is to rent out your week as you learned in your presentation.

If you do not want to come down for the week, then you can just find someone else to cover the costs and maybe even make some extra money off of it? This is all it takes for you to change your mind and that’s exactly how the process works when it comes to convincing smart, hardworking people that they should buy their own timeshare.

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