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2020 Is The Year To Get Out Of Your Timeshare

November 22, 2019 – by James Cox

Setting New Year’s Resolutions? We all want to get healthier, save money, travel a bit more and maybe try new things. What about getting rid of some of the dead weight as far as your expenses? How much is that timeshare costing you, especially since you haven’t used it or wanted to use it the last couple of years? For most people, the idea of a timeshare early on sounds great as you can save money on getting a hotel and plan the same trip every year. The problem is that by the time you’ve done it for five years or so, you’re ready to try something different. However, you are still stuck in the same deal with plenty of years to go before you are free of this agreement.

So, why is it that you need to act fast in 2020 to get out of your timeshare? One reason, cost. The costs for properties in most states that are popular for timeshare companies are going up. This includes Florida, Nevada, Texas, California and others. For example, the cost of properties and taxes in Florida is going to go up, meaning you have to pay the bill for that increase. You will also need to make sure that you cover the cost increase for people who manage the property as you can bet the company in charge will not. Sound like fun? Of course not, but that’s the way things are when you own a timeshare.

Another reason you need to get out of it this upcoming year is because a lot of the companies who own these properties are going to try and make it harder and harder for you to get out. The longer you are committed to a property, the less you can make a claim that you are not happy with the deal that you signed and the less likely you are going to be able to get out of it. How can you tell someone that you are not happy with a deal when you are five-ten years into it? That’s a tough sell for anyone and your best bet is to get started on timeshare cancellation sooner rather than later.

As you look for ways to get out of your timeshare remember that Primo Management Group offers free consultations to help you determine if you have a realistic shot of getting out of your deal .All it takes is a phone call so that you know what your options are and how to move forward.

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